Dec 21, 2009


Inside Dark Dusty wooden hut. Light source from a window shining in.

Hero - uhh..( opens eyes ) looks up and around ) HUH!??! ( Gets up ) Where!? what the!?
Door Opens , Old lady comes in with a basket of bread.
Oldlady - huhu , your awake ( puts the basket on the table beside the bed ). I hope you are alrite , I found you down in the fields out cold.
Hero - uh?
Oldlady - ( preparing food ) You dont seem like your from around here? do you even know who you are? hah
Hero - name is ( insert name ). uh , where am I? am I still in BZZZZZT

hahahha whats that?

anyways bored , so came to type in some random stuff.
was gonna make a story , but it takes too long to Type T.T
If only what I imagine in on a video. POOF! instant Imagination caught on VIDEO!
well , if that was really real , I think porn of every girl would come up somewhere LOL and maybe even guys.

Nov 8, 2009


hey fellas , if you DARE to watch that link above , hope you dont get a fit!
just watch it consecutively , over and over. you MAY feel abit...weird.
but if u dont feel anything , well thats you.


good to type to you all again!
just got back from
hahaha XD
means i beat the shit out of that place , finally!
yes , finally , it meant this being the 3rd time.
I know i know , noob , so what , i passed! so now , time to LEGALLY fark the road cuz i got me


hahha 3rd time the charm!

On other news-

Theres someone who newly acquired her own Xbox360.
and she also got Halo3 and all.


hahahha yes my friends , the shelady has got the next gen console of the Xbox franchise and also got one of her favourite titles - HALO3.
and that game , im quite familiar with it , thanks to ol'buddy Nico.
I havnt played Halo3 in a while , and im sure Raisa is catching up with her old SKILLZ
but dont fret boys and girls, Im sure I still got my Assault Rifle Pwnage Skillz when I need it.
maybe i may need a little bit of practice haha XD

on other other news-

GrandTurismo! on the PSP.
Its a really really great game!
Ive been Playing with Bryan and his newly acquired PSP , thanks to Keith who sold it to us.

Speaking of Keith and all , Last Thursday!
Me , Keith , Weiz , Natasha , Raisa , Julian and Boom went to go watch a movie in KLCC.
Chong was there too , till he had to leave so he didnt join us for the Movie.
We watched NINJA!
haha it was great , but still , its an american ninja guy LOLZ
theres actually another movie , called NINJA ASSASSINS , which actually has Asian Ninjas! hahaha , i cant wait for that!
i actually got mixed up with the two , and thought of Ninja Assassins being the Ninja movie i was gonna watch , man i was wrong , but not really dissapointed haha!

That day , got to See Tahsa , Raisa and Weiz again ahahha , Love em!♥ XD
Also that day , got to eat MCD AGAIN!
its actually now "not regular" for me to eat McDonalds , cuz its expensive LOL , but whenever I do , good times and awsom hyper rush memories come back to me with everybite hahaha!

Also , that Thursday , was part of 3 days , of me Staying over at KEITHS place!
It was awsom to be in his house for more that 2 hours again hahaha!
We had fun , also watched alot of HALARIOUS! Top Gear episodes!
Also , we sold some PSP games , a Zoom enabled Binoculars and a Headphone to CashConverters and made lots of money! hahaha Keith was so happy when he got the money LOL.
Sadly , back at Keiths place , Keith actually still has Johans SHOCKER game , the legendary game from Genting. But sadly , he was selling it , but it didnt work when I tried it.
Sad , it was seriously a must have game. I really wanted to play it with Bryan and Nico haha.

LOL also , my sister was most of the time there with Keith LOL!
it was as if my voice perma-turned into Hers for the whole time!
ofcourse If Keith needed me of when I wanted to say something and also infront of His mom , I would talk , but most of the time with Keith , she was there annoying him LOL. XD

on other other other news-

Im happy again!
hahaha no more doubts about that damn Drivingtest fails that were bugging me!
I know its not really something that would actually bring my emotions down , but seriously , I was supposed to damn well pass the damn test rite at the first try!
Im good! I was very good when I did the courses and all normally , but when it came to the test , I guess I got choked up , BUT NOT THIS TIME BIATCH!
hahaha so I guess i can smile smile smile again without a backdoor frown.

on other other other other news-

lol nothing much past that YET!

its the best man , seriously! even though people do hate it when they are in it , once they get out , they would start to feel that Sayfol was a really great school.
Well not to say much about its Facilities , which were okay if you knew how to appreciate the little things , but basically , its about the friends there , and some teachers.
I miss all my Friends who are still there in school.
I wanna hug em. =D
I wanna raep em. XD
Like ol'times LOL.
but sadly , i cannot , as i am now out
and that brings me to College.

AIYO! college, FAIL LOL.
well u can see , as u read befor , i was KICKED out.
If you are a casual guesswhat-yousark reader , you would know why , and not assume its something I would normally get Kicked out for LOL. If you aint a casual one , well Welcome LOL.
Well yes , I miss college.
My dear Taylors SriHartamas.
Again i miss the damn place and its people!
my friends , new friends , subjects like Psychology which is awsom , now gone.

But well , Ive already confirm to be going to Taylors MassComm Diploma at January 2010.
I guess gotta make new friends and embrace the new place and its subjects LOL.
place looked good when I went there , tho its quite far from here , so transport may be a hassle.

man , I havnt played Bball for sooooo loooong. Also swimming or anything.
I think one of these days im gonna start going to the club and do something.
Might as well use it.
But haha , Like another friend of mine , whenever I feel like I wanna go and excercise , LOL next thing you know , im loafing and not gonna do crap.

On other other other other other news-

LOL go now , haha i dont want you guys to die reading all this LOL.
its long? sorry , but I like to type and type , but its supposed to actually be longer.
this is my second time doing this blog post LOL , cuz when I finished the first , I found it VERY long. but well this is a shortened one , but seems quite long still.
anyways thanks for Reading!

I miss you too!!
Hope you still remember me.
I obviously still do LOL.
Cant forget your warm smile haha its so cute!
My heart is still beating for you.
Great to see your still spying on me LOL
Catch ya later , aligator


Oct 20, 2009

I Love you , You Love me , Lets go make a Happy Family!




SINGING TO YOU , LIKE A CRAZY LITTLE NEw...b? you...newb?...noob? LOL my rhymes are ghey , lame and full of fail!

Hey guys LOL
Raisa said to update , and so shall I update.

hahahha well to follow up on my College Life ,
Yeap , thats rite , i was kicked out of College.
Well , no not cuz of my destructive , random , hyper outbreaks , but rather , a academic kind of send off'ed cause.
A follow up from earlier , the Remark for my Literature , Came back the same , a Donkey ( D ).
And so , without the 5 Credits , only 4 in my hands , POOF , kicked onto the road , stripped of my college title , and so a fall from grace LOL.
Haha , but no matter! , Im shifting to MassComm , still with Taylors , in January Next year.
But sad , all my new friends , new adventures , and possible futures and all , vanished when my fate was revealed.
I guess , the Season 3 of this show , has been cancelled and is now being rewritten LOL.
First season was School Life ( Primary )
Second season was HighSchool Life ( Secondary )
Third season WAS College Life ( but now still in works again. )
Slated date to come January2010. Coming soon. haha.

HAH , so now , IM FREE! , which is BORING! AND IM STARVINGGG!
Since no one invites me out much , or well maybe cause they cant reach me ( I have no Phone , and HAD no lappy / now I do).
haiyo , nomore awsom lunchtime money saving crazyness in college.
Now im stuck at home , considered homegrown now LOL.
Since I now dont have college , my parents made the Driving Classes more freuent so I can master and also get closer to getting my P license , and This 26th is the FINAL EXAM!
So if I pass , TA DA!! , Louis is now on the roads without the care of police haha , cuz if they think Im young and illegally driving , WHOSH , Il show em my P license Card like an FBI badge , which will make em , "OHHH damn , no lunch money today" haha!

Manual Transmission , once u get the hang of it , its quite fun actually , cuz it makes me feel like im racing haha , even if im just going 45 - 60 km/hr in a Kancil ( a small peepsqueek car thats cheap and crappy , but its my Nations Starter Car for all Driving Students LOL so , suckinly being many Malaysians "First Car Virginity" taken by the Kancil , making them sad and disgusted.
But LUCKY FOR ME and Few others! my first was a Honda Civic WOOT WOOT!
But all in all , Automatic cars are still the best , cuz u just gotta change the gear to D and just pedal to the metal. and Whoosh , you're off Burnout ( An Awsom Racing Game *check it out* ) style haha!

hmm , what else . . .
Owh , ive been checking myself out in the mirror and just looking at myself from my point of view after baths now , and I really like the shape of my body. Its so girly LOL. and my butt's quite huge hehe , well to me that is.
Its Jiggly! hehehe!
SERIOUSLY! , well OFCOURSE , its no where as good as a biological girls one , Like Raisa's whos awsomness destroys my looks LOL , OBVIOUSLY , but my body has some curves atleast , but still , my hips are not so wide sadly.
hmm , other than that , wow , when I flex my Arms like Arnold Swazzie , or any other Buff wannabe out there , My arms are quite , FUYOH LOL but I like its non flexed petite look hehe , seems its a cute disguise , but a deadly killer when activated.

I know I know , you guys must be " omg wtf?! whats this shit LOL , louis you pansy , wtf?! gaylord?! , oi stop this shit , OMG HIS SISTER , man louis get a GirlFriend "
LOL sorry men and women but you guys read it , and so enjoy it!

In other news! , Louis Made his First actual ANIMATION!
well Stick Animation LOL. A very very very short one , maybe about a few seconds , sadly , of
Cloud Vs Sephiroth from Dissidia:Final Fantasy.
I posted it in my Ideotics Account in youtube so heres the Link.

Please , after watching , if you dont like it , please do not throw FlameThrowers at me or Rage , cause its obviously noobish , and it was made by a noob!
But!! i gotta hand it to myself , its pretty good , haha , to me!
but soon il be making a better and more longer one.
hopefully you like it atleast haha.

Hmm , The Final Fantasy : Dissidia story I did last post , I could continue , but its hard to put the story , or , ALL the stories of all the characters into one , cause seriously , the Game is too AWSOM and too EPIC to even try. Its just too good. Play it and find out the story yourself.
But I guess I would Continue it someday. Seriously , the game is just REALLY REALLY GOOD! I LOVE IT! Very Legendary!

♥I Love you♥
You know who you are.
If you dont. I LOL'ed.
Cause it is You.
♥Always was.♥

heh that was plain and simple. no need for alllll the long mushy Heart Words. for now. XD

well then , other than that , not much else to post I THINK.
maybe theres more stories to blog about and all , but Im beginning to become lazy to type.

Friends , and LOTS of other people always mope , emo and shit about their lives being full of shit , boring , and useless and crappy and etc etc etc.
Basically this was my answer.

well , take that what you said to Africa , go to the homeless , parentless , friendless , hopeless kid sitting on the side of the dusty , dirty , sandy road , starving and barely moving with flies around the kids eyes..then tell that to it..I bet it would kill you for insulting it.

I know its quite mean to those there but its clever rite? it aint original , but its also not realized much!
Also I know I too get bored and shit. So this was my answer to myself.

haiyo , u got the Internet!! go to youtube!! go look at prawn ( lol ehem ) and ehem!! go google something up!! something random! like sex or random funny /B/ shit!!
Nothing is boring if u dont look for something to do! haha

I always say im bored , but also im fighting with myself cuz its me not going to do anything , being lazy.
Yes , you are bored sometimes cuz you are Lazy!
Be creative , be different and go make up something!
How the hell did they make Football / basketball or any other sport or game like catching or hide n seek?!
They made all of em up! out of possible boredom! hahahha!
Its the Truth. I think.

Again , No FlameThrowing or Raging , these are just my random opinions , not to judge , attack or be used against and shit. Its how I look at things , and not everyone see things the same way , thus we are all Unique , which is awsome! LOL.

Okay , maybe theres more to blog , but man this blog post is gonna be long and boring to read cause people sometimes look at the length befor thinking about reading something like this. But I dont , sometimes I like lenght. It keeps me entertained. As long as it aint boring!
Thanks for reading everything , unless u cheater shit scrolled here and read the ending sentence LOL.


Sep 17, 2009

Dissidia : Final Fantasy.

-Chp.1 - Beginning of the Battle Between the Gods.-

The skies turned dark.
The light was fading.

In this realm created by the two opposing Gods , 11 of us were chosen by Goddess , Cosmos to fight the 11 that were chosen by God , Chaos.

For Eons , these two have fought. To finally reign over the other.


We felt it. Cosmos was loosing her power.
The balance of power between her and Chaos on the worlds , is beginning to shift to the God of Discord's favor.

As we stood looking on the darkening horizon , the ground afar begun to raise , and a Violent quake set off raging lava to spew from the risen ground.
Then , through the rising , raging flames of lava , came forward from it , a group of silhouettes.

But these silhouettes were not unfamiliar to us.

Each of the 11 that stood there were disastrously familiar to us.

Each of them , to each of us.
Past memories. Dark memories.

Behind them , then formed from the lava , a giant creature.

We knew it was Chaos , God of Discord.

Above us then formed from the remaining light lit clouds , formed Cosmos , The Goddess of Harmony.

With this , and with a loud roar by the God of Discord ,
We charged forth against our greatest foes.

And also came forth , them who we have hated dearly.

Them from our pasts.

Them who from our individual worlds , did they individually try to destroy.

and so..

Another Fantasy Begins.



Its too epic!.
Thank you SQUARE ENIX for another AWSOM FF Game.
hehehe actually theres only 10 in the actual game.
But im the no.11 hehehe.
XD its my world so pfft bugger off!

All the FinalFantasy Main Heroes and Villains from 1 - 10 are in it.
Just think about it! Using your favourite FF Character against others
and fighting it like Epic High Flying action from FinalFantasyVII:AdventChildren.

Wells timez for update.
hehe , Im actually in my 2 week Semester Break from College haha.
Im in the 1st week so far.
Pretty Awsom! to be able to rest my brain haiz. Just like School Holidays. Jeez I miss school like hell loads.
Apart from the AWSOMEST teachers and AWSOMESTEST Friends , I just GOTTA say it , but i really miss the P.E clothes T_T
hehehe many of you would know what I mean.
u dont?! AW COMON! Girls ( like Raisa LOL ) in their P.E Shorts?! ISNT THAT AWSOM?!
pfft kidding LOL.

A Saturday!
and right after that , a 6 Hour Theory Lecture in MALAY.
BUT YES! I am confirmed a L License holder.
It aint much , but its a working progress! haha XD

OH yess! I almost forgot hahaha!


Pfft , she wanted that there. hahaha.
What to do ,
when the Girl demands , I Deliver. Its not like I get a Girl once in a while LOL so better not Dissapoint. T_T its harsh work guys , but atleast it keeps the Heart Pumping Love. Remember that LOL. ... Actually dont pfft.

Seriously!! Its not easy work to have a Partner , thats one thing.
Though it may be Conditional Love or Unconditional ( I hope mines Uncon [hehe dont kill me XD] )
You cant do anything you wanted like when you were single.
But!! , Having the right girl that Beats the same way you do , is more more MORE MORE Fun. Lonely days are of the past. Now someone will always be there to pick you up and make you smile and all that stuff that happens around Love. Pfft and I guess give you a kiss. and or more or whatever LOL. XD
AND! one more thing , Sometimes , if the girl is nice , she may even pay some stuff by her own money! ISNT THAT AWSOM! haha sounds Cheapskate'ish LOL but ofcourse you gotta pay.
But going dutch is awsom! we do it almost all the time , exept Mc.D Yesterday LOL (sorry again haha) and thats how it came to me having to put that Plushy (her dumb nickname XD) up there. ( kidding LOL♥).

Warning : Do be Aware , I am new to this Shiz , so do not Flame me Unnecessarily.♥
ALSO! Ive been OWNING in HALO 3! on Nico's XBOX 360!
It was awsom!
Me and Bryan had gone to his house to play again and though it had been some time , Once I picked up the Battle Rifle , My Skillz returned , and I PWNED like nobody's business!
Though Nico did Pwn me lots of times with his GrenadeLaunching gun thingy ( forgot name ) , The Tank and His BobSaggotry.
And Bryan's First kill on me LOL.
So , let this be a message to one Girl out there. Who needs her Awsom Ass to be Whooped in this game. Whether it be Halo1 , 2 or 321 - Raisa , il be waiting HAHAHA.

they were awsom!! cheh well it does shed light to her Mysterious Past!
Everyone would agree to this! Right? Right? haha
AND I GOT TO SEE THEM!! okay maybe many others too , BUT SO WHAT!
slowly but surely , we are learning her Past. pfft. so Epic LOL. She is.


Sep 7, 2009

Traeh Ruoy Ot Resolc Pets Eno.


Yes , Friends , its me again LOL

But lemmi tell you , it was one of the most Awkward moments ever so far!
This was because the Whole damn lecture was in MALAY!!! HAHAHA!
and Those who know me , my Malay is HORRIBLE! LITERALLY! , when written , its basically half English and Malay , and when spoken , it still has English , but also , the Malay words are not even either pronounced rite , or the sentences are not even structured rite, thus make no sense LOL.
It was halarious! , well ofcourse i did many things correct because the lecturer was very energetic to use hand signals , and Toys LOL , to show what happens , and also a Slideshow to show more.
BUT , most of the time , I was sitting there dumbfounded , wondering what the hell words he was saying.

This would have been awsom if Raisa was here to help with my Malay Probs again HAHHA!

Seriously! it was so weird!! There were many jokes that made 99% of the class laugh , but that 1% , ME , was there , half smilling , with a wtf did he just say look.
People did ofcourse notice i was abit huh!?! so during the break some people came and asked about my origins and whatever.
When class started , and many other jokes were heard again , Whilst people laughed , some i saw from the corner of my eye , were looking at me if I had gotten the Joke or whatever.
It was so FAIL on my part.
But well , not to worries , because I was done over with it , and now its the Computer Test next!
I think its actually quite easy , because you need to basically use ALOT of Common sense, but ofcourse you need abit of studying!

In a Package I got , They gave a CD , and innit was a Mock Computer test , and so I tried it without studying , and WOW , i PASSED! 62%! LOL , but its a fail in the actual test cause , its out of 50 and you gotta get atleast 42 , so the passing mark is around 92%? 94%? not sure LOL.
Soon imma try it after I study , see if I actually can get 50/50 MUAHAHA!

Also , Imma try book the test this Sat , so that if I finish the test befor 10:30 , and I pass , I can go straight to Car Driving Course! so this is gonna be awsom!

In other news , Today had Psychology Test on Gardner and Gardner Woshoe Study. LOL , i didnt study , yet luckily , I think it was all good! , yes , that was random.

You know , i think i wanna start doing V-Blogs , instead of typing LOLS!
It would be quite interesting haha , but maybe somethings cant be said , but only written pfft.

Hmmm I wanna do something liek BOXXY!!!!
BOXXY RULZ! LULZ! hahaha , she was the main source of Destroymentalism of a whole Lulz Army back then.

*BEWARE* video may cause High Levels of WTF in your Blood Level , so Watch In Caution.<

Please , Copy and Paste that video Link and WATCH IT!!! and you will see what I mean.
She must be hella more Crazier and LOL'ier than me man , seriously! I wanna meet her!
Wonder if she is right for me PFFT. many would think so , but I dont think im not in her level of TOTAL randomness , seriously. She tops the charts!

"Remember , There is always someone better in the world."

Lol i copied like Raisa's Blog , she puts these in there some places.
This song is really nice! I love the Beat. LOL.
Shine On!

OWH YEA! you know , recently , my sister , I can actually use her to sing many songs with her voice!! and its AWSOM! hahaha , i can sing both male and female vocals , no probs! and I can go really high with hers , but My own voice has a prob of going low sometimes. HEHE , i think imma try singing gigs LOL. KARAOKE!! I WANNA GO! RED BOX RED BOX RED BOX REX BOD BOD XER RED BOX!! or whatever other places there are.

Okay, time for Ultra strickly secret stuff for meh Bestest Best Friends Reading this.
Like ...7? 9? of you LOL or was it 4? @_@
To all my Friends!
this is waht I wanna say.

♥Miss You All.♥
♥I Wanna Hug♥

wells there obviously more than that , but especially for Those I Love , I cant say those stuff for this time its for ALL OF YOUH!
SERIOUSLY!! I NEED HUGS!!!! T_T , i miss hugs! I hardly get em nowadays.
In College , The only person I hug is Shaun , and Most of the Time he doesnt want to cause he thinks its gay , and he fears my Sister LOL!

One day , someday soon , Im gonna go see you'all , oh wait , TRY and see you all , In school , Out there , where ever!!
I need your Voices , your Presence and your Hugs!♥


Sep 4, 2009

You sark like a duck whos beak was shot off by a mouse.


haha update tiem.

wells , last Wednesday , I skipped College at lunch time and went to Sayfol to get a Remark form with my Mom. I have to send my "D" Literature for remark because I actually dont have enough Credits to go to A'lvls in Taylors ( minimum of 5 credits , and I only got 4 , C and above being 1 Credit ).
It seems that the Ministry of Quality Education or sumtin like that strickly ruled that students with a minimum of 5 Credits can enter 6th form in these colleges , and so because of its rediculous rigidness and all , im basically 90% out of college rite now.
So I sent for Remarking , but if i do get the same mark , or below instead of a C , im done. I would be cancelled out of college.
It sucks , but im not angry or anything , things happen , and we just gotta pick ourselves up and move on , plus there are other possibilities out there if i cant continue A'lvls like Diploma course in Communication ( which only requires 3 credits ) so yep.
but heh , I got a D in Malay anyways LOOL , that was a freaking miracle LOL.

But in the middle of that , WOAH!! I was back in School!! OMG! SAYFOL!!! alll the awsom , ideotic 12 years i have had in that school , since Kindergarten.
It was great to be back there , to see its slightly updated state ( new concrete buildings etc etc ) and well , itself LOL.
It happened to be the first day of school for a new semester , but I came around 1 and so everyone was still in class , but I got to see Karyan and Youmei. Sadly I couldnt see many people like Marissa , Angeline , Coffee(who either way didnt go on the first day) , Ezzat , others and OBVIOUSLY KeeEn!!! hahaha
I Really Miss that place and its Awsom Teachers and Friends.Its trully the Best.

Owh and another awsom breaking news , The MORAL PRESENTATION of RELIGION!
We ( Me , YK , Nicole , Hongonn , Tharu and Carmen ) did a video on Sikhism some time ago , and I edited it and also added lots of extras and funny stuff which made it very entertaining , and educational!
And it was an Awsom success!! Out of all the religion videos so far , ours was very funny , interesting and whatever.
Our video made Everyone laugh , because of many comedic effects and puns i added into the video. And our teacher said she gave us Full marks! so it was awsom!
Ofcourse the other Religion videos were good , but no one laughed and many were talking and so Im guess not much people payed attention and was bored , but wow , ours was awsom!
I was even afraid it was too long because it was 26 Mins long , but it was awsom from start to finish , but ofcourse there was a few boring parts like the interview , but all in all it was a complete success!
But rite now , I gotta burn it into a disk to pass it up , but I have no idea LOL.

AND TODAY! right now its 12AM but i mean in the morning , Im going to have my 1st Driving test thingy!! , at 8:30am , someone is gonna come and pick me up so woot! , im getting closer to my Drivers License , hahahha cant wait to be unleashed into the Roads hehehe.
But ofcourse , im gonna be a Transporter! im gonna be driving people around haha!
Gonna be stuck in traffic lots too T_T

But wow , tonight is very Beautiful out here I gotta say.
The Moon is shinning so Brightly and Radiantly and It makes me just stop and look at it and think about lots and lots of things and forget about all my troubles and whatever that is stressing and all. Its simply awsom , and so I hope you saw this Moon.
You know , from where I look , the moons Craters and all makes the moon look like Ying and Yang Sign. to me that is.

Wells , thats all I got , May be little and boring , but i guess atleast I updated abit haha.
Thanks for reading if you are.
And , I love you!!! whomever you are! hahaha , I think you know who you are. You always knew. =P

Aug 29, 2009

You sark like a cow with its hide ripped off for supper.


Its been a Long Long time since I have done anything here properly , haha, and so it will be.

Well , lets start since The start of college , all the things happening till now.
okay i think thats abit too far. There are obviously many things i forgot and so nevermind.

Taylors Sri Hartamas.
Going well so far.
Met lots of new friends that are really awsom haha.
Bunch of government school kids.
Bunch of International Kids.
All in common.
Never judge a book by their covers.
Because , they all are seriously are really just plain LOL.

I love em lots.
But seriously , its quite awsom , everyone is really friendly
to the extent that my sister showed herself to them all by the second day of college itself.
Now thats alot of friendliness that isnt even built up , but just appeared out of nowhere.

Teachers are awsom!
They are very knowledgable and they do try to make classes as fun as possible.
Like my new Economics Teacher Mrs. Ratnes.
HAHA she is really great.

( hope that faculty for seeing my blog post of teachers and about taylors dont come fire me LOL )

She is very funny too , and rumored that back in the day , she was like me hahaha!
seriously , in her class , I am really the worst. well actually me , and MR RAHUL LOL!
In econs , no one can sit next to me. hahaha , because i really destroy their concentration.
Their ability to learn and want to learn , deteriorates.
It is sad, but i just do it , not that I want to , but well , i just dont know haha.

So basically , im still rowdy , ideotic and crazy here , but things that are missing are the hugs ( with exeption to Shaun , who I pour all of it to him ) , the raeps , and the total randomness.
There is ofcourse randomness , but not much. College setting is different , and I guess it doesnt have the usual people randomness can activate , like Rizrin , Johan , Raisa , Weiz , Madhav and so on. Basically , the total randomness I had in Sayfol , obviously , will never , be replaced.

Clubs are great! , im in BBall , Futsal , Paintball , Martial Arts , Kickboxing , Anime and 1 more which i totally forgot LOL. Basically 7 clubs , i think , but i have only been in 3 so far , that is BBall , Kickboxing and Anime clubs.
BBall , we actally had a small tournament , and me , Shaun , Kashing and Jinn competed in it and got 3rd place , my first medal in taylors. For freshmans , we rock haha. We did pretty well , because the opposition were all big , old and quite skillful.
Kickboxing haha , guys , imma gonna kick you asses now! LOL.

For college activities , We did have a Marathon for spastic children.
Out of all my friends I expected to see , Only me and Shaun were there.
Everyone else were at home , sleeping or playing with themselves.
HAHA , anyways it was my first marathon ever , of 6 KM around Hartamas Area.
It was crazy , I was so dead when I finished. Especially cause at the last stretch , I sprinted like hell , though it was as fast as a jog , I just used all my strenght.
I finished at about maybe 15 - 25th place. Im not dissapointed cause its my first ever marathon and I could actually do it. Im known for not having much stamina in truth!

Another activity was a Trip to Templars park.
It was a trip for Psychology students , by Mr.Kumar.
Again , out of all my friends , only YangKang , Ying and Sanam went.
It was crazy. Place was filled with Monkeys that wanted to raep us.
If only i had a videocamera , all of the nutness the park had instore for us would have been captured.
Also , there were basically 7 levels of waterfalls and pools , but we could only get to the 2nd level. But nontheless it was still great. and Greatly cold. Omg , it was freezing when I got in. Basically I was pushed in my Sanam haha.

Yep , College so far is going great. Merdeka , I wore my Philipino National Clothes for males , which was my dads haha , because my old one was for my 7 year old self.
Many came in awsom clothes and dresses , while the rest came in like normal fools.
Everyone looked great , even the Bangla YangKang haha.

Cambridge A'Levels is pretty hard. Basically , its something old ( like econs ) with more indepth information that is surely gonna twist somethings in your head. Its alot of work , and you have got to be consistant in your work ( literature ) or else you will fall down behind and rot. I guess thats how A levels gets its Reputation.
I do Law , Psychology , Econs and Literature as my Main subjects , and CriticalThinking Skills and Moralclass as compulsory subjects.

Taylors is really a place that lives up to its reputation.
You can tell by the people that even study there.
Like Hari , He got 11A* in his Cambridge Olvl's.
Thats 11 A STARS! , distinctions , in each and every subject he took! thats crazy!! but thats how it is.

and I got
B , B , B , B , D , D.

Yes 4 boys and 2 Donkeys.
4 boys in Econs,Geog,Eng,Comp and 2 donkeys in Lit and Malay.

But speaking of results, Damn it. Though im happy , I still lost the final battle.
Yes. I lost. To Raisa.
In Econs and English. I was sure to kick her ass for this final battle. But sadly , I lost.
I did beat her in Computer , but Majority is that she won.
It really sucks haha , but what to do.
In the end Raisa beats me LOL

Lets see , what else is meant for this place.
Owh , I turned 17 at July.
I had Oreo Cheese Cake.
and Apparently my parents actually forgot about it , and also most of my friends!!
HAHA i actually kept quiet and didnt tell any of my friends and family members. Even in Facebook I changed my Birthdate to January 1st.
And so many did get tricked , but in the end it was foiled.
But ofcourse , there were those who could not forget it , like Marissa and Shaun. They knew it and so because of them , many of my friends found out and were reminded.
It was fun to see your friends forget , but i too forget theirs so its no issue. But my family was truly fail HAHA.

So what has been happening lately! , well Last saturday , I went to the Movies by myself haha , at 1 Utama. It was so weird , imagining people looking at you , who is alone at the Whole of the 3rd row. But I was watching G.I. Joe and It was AWSOM!
Recently also , Ideotics have tried to go out for a movie , especially yesterday , but always , at last minutes , Nico says cannot/cant , and so damn.

I Havnt seen my ol'friends for quite sometime.
Some I saw in Rizrins farewell party , in which i saw WAIKEEN!
he was awsom! its been a while since i have seen him. He still travels around alot hahaha.

Out of the sayfol bunch , I saw YouMei!!! in college!!
it seems she was there to pick up her sister, YouLin , and she came into the college!
I saw her from the library and so we met and hugged at the Entrance of it.
It was awsom to see her again! and it was awsom to hug again too.

But everyday , im sms'ing COFFEE.
i guess i have credit now , and so just constantly type type to her.
But its kinda cool , that i only reply after a long time ,
and still its very fun to continue like it.
I think that time period builds up a want and makes me think whats the reply about.
But she is a nut anyways haha.
I like the idea of this reply when I feel like it.LOL , may seem wrong but its quite satisfactory to some extent , cause when its constantly , it gets abit annoying ( like putting in your pocket , then having to take it out again and so on ) and also topics just run out if its so fast. So taking it slow and steady is the way. But I guess worry comes from that , but its okay.

I miss everyone from school. Really do. Teachers , Friends , School itself.
Though many regrets , its still awsom.
I miss everyone! like Raisa , Johan , Marissa , Coffee , everyone! i wanna hug em all!
funny , i just shed a tear from my left eye.
Love you guys.

That Day I called everyone was simply awsom! In one night , I called many of my friends and just talked and talked , many about the marks we got back , like Raisa and Weiz , and others on whats happening and so on. Just to catch up with everything. It was great to hear all their voices again , though would have been better if I could touch them too.
Last call was Marissa , which was really long haha , it was awsom! I MISS YOU KIDDO!
I called her after i watched some weird zombie movie that was made of complete utter nonsense, which she too was watching. But i guess it wasnt that bad. Just really cheesy.
It was great to hear from her too.

funny , i shed a tear from my left yet again , whats up with my left eye LOL
Wells , anyways , thats all for now, im sure theres more to talk about , but this post is too long , i dont think any one read this far unlike you ,unless you are just reading the end.

Be Right Back =]